How does nothing but clean dry carpet sound, too good to be true? Your flooring, whatever the type will stay open 24 hours a day even on the day of cleaning. There is NO need for fans to dry the carpet, NO need for trips to the janitors’ closet to fill and dump water and NO more off-hour scheduling.  This is the way we handle floor care at Concept Interiors.

Floor care is everything you need to maintain or enhance your new or existing floor. This would include stripping &waxing, scrubbing & re-coat (without the need for harsh chemicals), burnishing, buffing and polishing. greenseal certified logo We utilize a state of the art Green Seal Certified dry cleaning system. This is the only dry carpet and floor cleaning system to receive the United State Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) BioPreferred Certification.

  • Amazing results! Stains we remove NEVER come back BioPreferredLabel
  • No more wet carpet
  • Clean your grouted tile back to the color it was when NEW
  • Reduces dust mite allergens by 89% and mold spores by 97%
  • Licensed distributor for this USDA certified system
  • Request the test. Seeing is Believing
  • Ask for a FREE cost analysis of your floor care program

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We are flooring professionals who take care of your hard floor or carpeted surfaces with the latest technology, extending the life and reducing the cost of your flooring. Contact us today!